Journal of Camus Studies

The 2009 and 2010 editions of the journal were published under the title Journal of The Albert Camus Society; from 2011 onwards we will publish as: Journal of Camus Studies.

The Journal of Camus Studies (JCS) is published annually and is available in print and ebook formats.

For details of the mission and scope of the journal as well as guidelines for contributors follow this link: submission guidelines.

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Journal of Camus Studies 2017

Journal of Camus Studies

Beyond Victims and Executioners: Camus and Daoud on “Progressive Violence” and Genuine Humanism (Or What harun Learned from Meursault)
George Heffernan

Meursault, contre-enquete or Daoud’s Anachronistic Nonsense
Virginie Lupo

The Narrative of “Meursault Investigation”: Is it the Story of “The Stranger”, Told by Clamence’s Double
Maciej Kałuża

The Investigation Investigated and a Question of Responsibility
Katerine Voitenok

Death as the Harbinger of the Realization of Mortality in The Plague
Merlene Binny

Albert Camus the Legal Unconscious: Symbolic and Imaginary Dimensions in The Stranger
Michael J. Clark

The Absurdity of Acceptance through Belief: Meursault’s Dismissal of God and the Court System in The Stranger
Daniel Henke

Exploring the Concept of “Suicide” by Camus in Taufiq Rafat’s Play Foothold
Saleha Malik

Absurdism is Ecocritical and Ecocriticism is Absurd: The Joy of Eternal Damnation
Alexandra Rowe

The Young Camus and the Aesthetic Argument from Irreligious Experience
Stephen J. Sullivan

An Absurd Philosophy of Love
Michael Anthony Villanova

Review: At the Existential Ca: Freedom, Being, and Apricot Cocktails by Sarah Bakewell
James Woelfel


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