About Camus Society

The Albert Camus Society is an international organisation made up of three groups: The Albert Camus Societies of the UK, US and Poland. Together we hold a joint annual conference and publish The Journal of Camus Studies (JCS).

The purpose of the Society is summed up in the mission statement for the JCS:

… an interdisciplinary forum for scholarly conversation about the life and work of Albert Camus. … [to be] at the centre of contemporary academic debate and discussion about Camus. [To] provide a genuinely international and interdisciplinary scholarly resource for exploration and examination of the thought of Albert Camus and his contemporaries.

Membership of the Albert Camus Society

The Albert Camus Society (ACS) exists to promote scholarship on the life and work of Albert Camus by providing an international platform to share, exchange and debate ideas and research.

The ACS aims to bring together, from within and outside academia, all persons interested in the work and ideas of Albert Camus.

The purpose of the ACS shall be served by: holding an annual international conference; publishing annually the Journal of Camus Studies; maintaining and updating the Society website; liaising with any other societies, institutions, publishers, and the media that have an interest in furthering awareness of the work and ideas of Albert Camus.

Membership is available to anyone who subscribes the aims just stated.

Membership is £12.00 renewable annually. Members are entitled to a 50% discount off their conference registration fee for the conference taking place during their membership period. In addition, members will also receive a 10% discount off the price of the Journal of Camus Studies published during their membership period.

To join the Albert Camus Society you will need to purchase the One Year Membership Booklet the cost of this booklet covers your membership dues for a period of one year.

Camus Society Membership

Inside the booklet are instructions on how to complete your membership application. There is a brief form to complete and return to us so we can send you your unique membership number. Filling out the form should take minutes but please allow up to 7 days to receive your membership number.

Becoming a member step-by-step
  1. Click the Join link below
  2. Purchase the One Year Membership Booklet
  3. Fill out the form inside to provide your name and contact details
  4. Return the form (we offer three methods for your convenience)
  5. Receive confirmation and your unique membership number within 7 days
  6. Quote your membership number when registering for our conference for a 50% discount
  7. A 10% discount code for the Journal will be emailed to members prior to publication
  8. Memberships are active for a period of one year starting from the date of the email confirming your membership
  9. An email will be sent out at the beginning of the month your membership is due to expire
  10. There is no need to cancel your membership, dues are non-recurring, simply do not renew at the end of your 12 month membership period
  11. We never share member contact details with anyone else
  12. When a membership expires we delete all contact details

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