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Camus conference 2013


9.30am - 5.30pm

  • 2 day conference
  • International speakers

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Journal of Camus Studies | JCS

Journal of Camus Studies

The Journal of Camus Studies

Formerly the Journal of the Albert Camus Society, the JCS is published annually and is available in print or as an ebook. For more information on purchasing or contributing visit the Camus Journal page.

Journal of Camus Studies | Journal of The Albert Camus Society

The 2009 and 2010 editions of the journal were published under the title Journal of The Albert Camus Society; from 2011 onwards we will publish as: Journal of Camus Studies.

The Journal of Camus Studies (JCS) is published annually and is available in print and ebook formats.

For details of the mission and scope of the journal as well as guidelines for contributors follow this link: submission guidelines.

Copies of the Journal can be purchased from our Book Store. Sample papers from previous journals are available in our downloads section.

Journal of Camus Studies | 2012

Journal Albert Camus Society 2012


Paneloux's Turn: An Analysis of the Sermons of The Plague
By Eric Berg

Death in Oran : The Plague as Counter to Thomas Mann's Death in Venice
By Braden Cannon

Neoconservatism in the Political Thought of Albert Camus: A Preliminary Inquiry
By Jackson Doughart

Of Dogs and Men: Empathy and Emotion in Camus' The Stranger
By Ingrid Fernandez

Homo-Social Eroticness in “The Guest”
By Peter Francev

The Eternal Return of Sisyphus: Camus Interpreting Nietzsche
By Giovanni Gaetani

“Rien, rien n'avait d'importance et je savais bien pourquoi” (“Nothing, nothing mattered, and I well knew why”): The World According to Meursault—or A Critical Attempt to Understand the Absurdist Philosophy of the Protagonist of Albert Camus's The Stranger
By George Heffernan

Selfishness in Albert Camus' La Chute
By Emily Holman

Absurdism and Lyricism: Stylistic Extremes in Camus's Novels
By Peadar Kearney

Camus' Literary Criminal and the Law: Loathing the Outsider
By Stefan Lancy

Albert Camus: The Politics of Poverty and the Misery of KabylieBy Jerry Larson

Meursault: Mad, Bad or Messiah?
By Simon Lea

Camus's Les Justes : A Rebuff to Sartre's Les Mains Sales ?
By Benedict O'Donohoe

‘My sensibility must speak, not cry out...': Form and feeling in the Making of Camus' L'Envers et l'Endroit
By Nicholas Padfield

Aestheticizing a Bacillus: Disease and Destiny in Albert Camus's The Plague
By Patrick Reilly

‘Némesis veille…': An Attempt to Understand Camus' Unfinished Essay
By Luke Richardson

Camus' Sense of the Sacred
By Ron Srigley

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