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Camus conference 2013


9.30am - 5.30pm

  • 2 day conference
  • International speakers

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Journal of Camus Studies | JCS

Journal of Camus Studies

The Journal of Camus Studies

Formerly the Journal of the Albert Camus Society, the JCS is published annually and is available in print or as an ebook. For more information on purchasing or contributing visit the Camus Journal page.

Albert Camus | links to existentialism and the absurd

Listed below are links to sites that we think will be of interest to our members and visitors.

Notes on The Myth of Sisyphus
Thorough notes on Camus' essay of the absurd.

Notes on The Stranger
Thorough notes on Camus' novel of the absurd.

Notes on The Plague
Thorough notes on Camus' most successful novel.

Albert Camus' speech at the Nobel Banquet 1957
English translation of Camus' Nobel Prize Banquet speech at City Hall in Stockholm, December 10, 1957.

Albert Camus Blog
The Society Blog.

Albert Camus and the anarchists
Organise! The magazine of The Anarchist Federation - Britain looks at life and work of Albert Camus.

Organise! 68 (PDF)
Downloadable magazine of anarchist magazine contains Camus article.

Stalking the Stranger
An online article about Hawes' book

Who is the Absurd Man
A blog about Absurdity





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