Conference 2019

Camus Society Conference: Dublin

This year our conference will be held in Dublin, 25-26 October 2019

Details will be posted here shortly. If you require more information before then please send us an email.

Below are details of last year’s conference in London.

Registration: 9:10 – 9:40

16 NOVEMBER: PANEL #1: The Stranger

9.45-10.30am: The (Anti)-Archetypal Sun: An Analysis of the Sun in Albert Camus’s The Stranger
Daniel Henke (read by Peter Francev)
10.30-10.45am: Break
10.45-11.30pm: Can the Stranger Handle the Truth? Critical Reflections on Camus’s Claim that Meursault Refuses to Lie
George Heffernan
11.30-12.15pm: Meursault & Mersault: Comedians of the Ascetic Ideal
Simon Lea
12.15-13.00pm: Panel Discussion #1 (Q & A)

12:30-14:30 LUNCH BREAK

16 NOVEMBER: PANEL #2: Caligula and Camus Meets Kiekegaard

14.30-15.15: Luke Richardson
15.15-16.00: Camus’s Kierkegaardian Conception of a Good Life
Johannes Abel
16.00-16.15: Break
1615-17.00: From Copenhagen to Paris: Albert Camus and Søren Kierkegaard
Eric Berg
17.00-18.00: Panel Discussion #2 (Q & A) and clean-up

17 NOVEMBER: PANEL #1: Irrationality, Nihilism, and Evil

10-10.45am: Camus as Irrationalist
Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray
10.45-11.00am: Break
11.00-11.45pm: Existential Nihilism: The Only Really Serious Philosophical Problem
Walter Veit
11.45-12.30pm: Camus and the Problem of Evil
Stephen Sullivan
12:30-13.00: Panel Discussion #1 (Q & A)

LUNCH: 13.00-14.30

17 NOVEMBER: PANEL #2: The Fall

14.30-15.15: Reading The Fall Backward: Jean Baptiste Clamence and the Camp Experience
Maciej Kaluzka
15.15-16.00: Topogeographical Symbolism in The Fall
Peter Francev
16.00-16.15: Break
16.15-17.00: Panel Discussion #2 (Q & A)
17.00-17.30: New society business and clean-up