Conference 2019

Camus Society Conference: Dublin

This year our conference will be held in Dublin, dates to be announced

Details will be posted here shortly. If you require more information before then please send us an email.

Below are details of last year’s conference in London.

Registration: 9:10 – 9:40

16 NOVEMBER: PANEL #1: The Stranger

9.45-10.30am: The (Anti)-Archetypal Sun: An Analysis of the Sun in Albert Camus’s The Stranger
Daniel Henke (read by Peter Francev)
10.30-10.45am: Break
10.45-11.30pm: Can the Stranger Handle the Truth? Critical Reflections on Camus’s Claim that Meursault Refuses to Lie
George Heffernan
11.30-12.15pm: Meursault & Mersault: Comedians of the Ascetic Ideal
Simon Lea
12.15-13.00pm: Panel Discussion #1 (Q & A)

12:30-14:30 LUNCH BREAK

16 NOVEMBER: PANEL #2: Caligula and Camus Meets Kiekegaard

14.30-15.15: Luke Richardson
15.15-16.00: Camus’s Kierkegaardian Conception of a Good Life
Johannes Abel
16.00-16.15: Break
1615-17.00: From Copenhagen to Paris: Albert Camus and Søren Kierkegaard
Eric Berg
17.00-18.00: Panel Discussion #2 (Q & A) and clean-up

17 NOVEMBER: PANEL #1: Irrationality, Nihilism, and Evil

10-10.45am: Camus as Irrationalist
Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray
10.45-11.00am: Break
11.00-11.45pm: Existential Nihilism: The Only Really Serious Philosophical Problem
Walter Veit
11.45-12.30pm: Camus and the Problem of Evil
Stephen Sullivan
12:30-13.00: Panel Discussion #1 (Q & A)

LUNCH: 13.00-14.30

17 NOVEMBER: PANEL #2: The Fall

14.30-15.15: Reading The Fall Backward: Jean Baptiste Clamence and the Camp Experience
Maciej Kaluzka
15.15-16.00: Topogeographical Symbolism in The Fall
Peter Francev
16.00-16.15: Break
16.15-17.00: Panel Discussion #2 (Q & A)
17.00-17.30: New society business and clean-up